Export Problems

Movie runs at normal speed on HitFilm4Express but the exported version has more than twice the time and the video plays in slow motion but the sound plays at the normal rate.
Export in MP4



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    HitFilm settings?

    Variable framerate?

    What did you use to record with, and did you convert your files before editing, if so to what and what settings did you use?

    I think this has to do with the settings of your timeline, didn't HitFilm ask you what you wanted to do when placing your files?

  • It sounds like your export framerate was different than your timeline framerate (NLE or comp depending on what you are exporting).

    Hitfilm does not resample the video stream when you change the export framerate. It simply marks the framrate to your specific rate and leaves the audio at the normal speed.

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    When I export, the exported version has really bad quality (I recorded on my iPhone in 1080p) It also is bad quality at 0.192 bitrate, but when I max the bitrate, it won't play at all. PLEASE HELP

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