can't import mov, avi and more to clipbin

From what I read, I understand there is a problem with these files on HitFilm (i already installed quicktime - doesn't help), maybe you have any other suggestion, or a good way to convert these files without loosing quality?


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    Upload an example of one of your avi or mov files, e.g dropbox, and send me the link and I will see if I can import it on my HitFilm 4.  This will be an elimination process.

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    it's just a small sample, but i can't import any mov \ avi at all, not just this one.

  • That file imports and plays fine in Hitfilm  4 Express.

    No special codec addons installed on the machine, but Quicktime is installed so it understands .MOV files.

  • Just in case - Have you rebooted since installing QuickTime? HitFilm won't recognize MOV files until you install QuickTime and reboot.

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