Layer Properties - Alignment Option Not Showing

Hey, so I was watching your Heads Up tutorial on YouTube the other day, and I was trying to follow along with it in HitFilm 3 Pro with my own footage to apply the effect to. I was doing fine until Simon Jones instructed me to switch the Alignment option on the Head Pivot point to "Towards Layer", and then the corresponding "Alignment Layer" to the Face Track point. I believe I had all of these layers set up correctly, the tracking from the footage applied to my Face Track point, the Head Pivot point in 3D space along with a 3D camera, but I'm still not getting an Alignment option in the Layer Properties on any of these layers.

Hopefully I am doing something wrong here. If not, does that mean that HitFilm 3 Pro simply doesn't and never will posses this feature? I sincerely hope not, as it hasn't even been a year since I purchased the program for nearly $300 and it's already outdated.


  • Hitfilm 3 Pro does not have the auto-aligning layers. That functionality was added in 4 Pro and carried over to 4 Express. 

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