This is a quick look at the progress of the gargantua black hole/sort of, at the moment it's just the first of 9 render passes, in this the accretion disk is almost done and ready for the dirt layers.

Right now the gravity/light bending section 'the big thing going round the black hole' is a test run to see how the organic behaviour and if it's suitable, once that's complete then the next step is filling in the rest taking away the hollowness.

I've had a change to how the black hole behaves, rather than having it pure black I've literally built another galaxy within the sphere, Looks pretty cool :)

Note; this gave me a heads start selecting lens blurs/dirt, grading and anamorphics.

Also it's apart of the procedural algorithm tutorials :P

I can confirm that there is over a few terabytes of content that's going to be released gradually from the tutorials to the products...... I'm getting there ;)


  • Nice! Looking forward to the other eight passes.

  • Outstanding!!

    Man I'm sure glad I never shared my attempt of gargantua following Shanks FX's examples of in camera effects. Although I did get a decent look I was  never able to get the light bending even close.  I'd have been laughed off the forum.

    I tip my hat to you master!!

  • @Triem23 Cheers Buddy! It's been a while haha how are you holding up? I think the accretion disk and Gravitational lensing  will be done in 5 passes but the other 4 will be some  additional things like a sun being pulled apart, the black hole is massive in comparison to a dwarf star so it will appear relatively  small up against this thing :) 

    Thank you Dear Sir! 'I'm sure glad I never shared my attempt of gargantua' nonsense, every attempt is an achievement and taking the Shanks FX approach is a brave move, the more natural your assets are the more organic it will look, HitFilm provides a vast inventory of lighting effects that would complement the rich blooms and fluttering effects, I'd love to see your attempt, if anything I tip my hat off to you for being creative in such a way that makes visual effects out of objects to hand! :)

  • @GrayMotion You can't drop a bomb like that and NOT share! That's just mean man!


  • absolutely beautiful work Im awestruck

  • @Kinetic  Thank you chap but I have just realised that I have to delete all the renders and start over again, I took the simulation from this ( to base the overall structure and behaviour within hitfilm, the issue is what the accretion disk is made up of and I got there but it's proving challenging to simulate the bending behaviour.

    I'm working in 4k and I'm limited to 4K so getting it to look right is a pain in the ass, working on this level requires small details ... Really small details at close proximity and that's when things get tricky, right now hitfilm is telling me to fuckoff with the sheer amount of post but it's the knowing what I can get away with that's keeping me going and I'm going to use some unorthodox trickery from the parallax tool, you see the parallax works on both 2D and 3D layers, I'm using it on a heavily distorted/warped 2D layer and the parallax tool's depth is limited to 200 , yeah I could duplicate but it gets weird when trying to take depth information from an already parallaxed image, the height information has changed from that point but I have a way of increasing the depth on just one parallax effect way above 200 - to the thousands if need be, back to the point, I've overdone the bending around the black hole so it's back to the start :) I'll keep everyone up to date.       

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    It needs to look like this by the end of it, take note of the disk and how it looks  

  • You can do it, I believe in you!

    That's where it's from huh, I watched Interstellar like 3 times and never thought about that, though my room was shaking so it's hard to notice the details. I'm surprised they didn't give it more screen time of the whole thing in frame.

  • You leave me again at awestruck and slightly intimidated but thats good just means i will have to step up my game! Cant wait to see your next render!

  • @CNK Brain hurts :/ I best stick to this version as it's more plausible to work out in the end,   I'll finish off the one that went wrong as well but it won't be accurate, Also Thank You! :) 

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    Ok so I scrapped the other one due to the epic fail of in accurate gravitational lensing so I took a look at the refractive properties behind the origional concept and had a eureka moment, although a rough version I think I might have cracked it? @JoshDaviesCEO @Kinetic @Triem23 @GrayMotion @CNK @Aladdin4d

    It's over exposed but once I tweak it on a finer scale I'll refine the detail back with some bloom, atmospherics, lensing and grades.

    For the side note;

    @Ady and @CedricBonnier Since from testing to now I can say that the stability of the software is absolutely solid, I literally can throw it into the deep end and it just chugs away happily, I've been working in 4K without noticing any performance issues and again it's comfortable to work in you lads have done a fine job.    

    @JoshDaviesCEO  bring on 8k ;) 

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    Nice, looks way better than your first other clip. :)

  • Just, wow. 

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    I'm sorry about the slow response here....but again WOW!

    I had said that I would feel stupid to share my pathetic attempt at Gargantua and your recent addition reenforces that even more...but if you're up for a good laugh then here ya go..

    Sorry to drop such a piece of crap. My "in camera" elements really suck. I didn't have enough material to get good light streaks at alI. I have many lifetimes before I can even come close to your work. 

    @Aladdin4D @NXVisualStudio  #bombed

  • @NXVisualStudio Another WOW!

    @GrayMotion Don't sell yourself short! I don't think it's a piece of crap at all and your light streaks look pretty damn good!

    Shanks didn't really use that many light streaks. He masked and duplicated elements of what he had to build things up for the more impressive look (along with a few Red Giant effects) and from what you just posted I see no reason why you couldn't do the same. Shanks did a much longer tutorial for Red Giant so if you haven't seen it yet.....


  • @NXVisualStudio considering that the original Gargantua footage supposedly required inventing a whole new rendering engine to accurately simulate the gravitational lensing, you've done an incredible job

  • @GrayMotion This is nothing to be ashamed of as Aladdin4d said don't sell yourself out, the overall light vs time seems to have paid off pretty well, all you would need to do is revisit and keep refining the shot and to be honest you have pretty much pulled off the tutorial! Well done Mr!

    @JMcAllister Indeed this was the case, in fact the article you read was probably the one I read to get the physical data for the shot, it's behaviour was highly dependent on the angle of where it was being observed, I ran a simulation in Lightwave and damn did it look weird, I really appreciate the feedback chap! Although this was a test shot of just the accretion disk and it now has the debris layer with fine tweaking to rid of the exposure while bringing back the detail :)  

    @Kinetic ; Wheyy thank you!

    @spydurhank That was a failure on an epic scale, I need to be savagely beaten with chopsticks in order to never produce something like that again! haha Cheers buddy:))  

    @Triem23 Dougee much wow 

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