4K Video stutters on 1080p timeline

I have an i7 3939 cpu, 16GB Ram, GTX 760 4GB ram and can play GH4 4k video on a 1080 timeline in Premier just fine. However, in Hitfilm even with proxy and quarter resolution the playback stutters. My drivers are up to date.

I am using a demo version of Hitfilm pro4. Is there something else that needs to be set? I like the features of the program but may delay my purchase until this works properly.


  • You can try renaming the .mov files to .mp4. The Quicktime AVC decoder kinda sucks performance wise. Some other editors, like Vegas, bypass Quicktime for AVC mov files and decode directly. Maybe for that reason. Maybe for others. Here is a topic I wrote up on the subject.


    In general, and video file codec, Hitfilm timeline playback performance is below par compared to other editors like Vegas and Premiere. Sometimes you may have to transcode to something with lower overhead to get Hitfilm performance up. DNxHD(HR), Prores or fast decode AVC are all options.

  • Thanks, that is helpful. I'll give this a try but it adds a step to the workflow

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