How to rotate a model with camera parenting

Hi guys,

I have a setup as follows. 3d model parented to 1 point. This point is used to animate a close flypast of the camera just above and to the left. As the ship passes the camera tracks the ship rotating 180 degrees. So the ship then flies away from the camera viewed from the rear.

I have currently achieved this by parenting the camera to the same point. The problem I have is this. As the ship flies away from the camera I want it to bank and make a turn. With the camera parented to the point controlling the ship however it rotates with the ship. Given this is a space scene there is no real sense of the ship banking as a result. 

So really what I want is this. The camera to follow the ship as it passes the camera in the same way but not rotating when the ship banks. I'm guessing my rig is not quite right. What do I need to change to achieve what I need?

I hope that makes sense



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    Three ways of doing this. First, add another point (Roll) to the rig. Parent the ship to Roll and parent Roll to whatever point your camera is linked to. Now you csn have the ship turn, bank, etc independent of the camera. 

    Second, use a one-point, but apply the bank animation directly to the ship model layer instead of the point. 

    Third, use the one point rig but animated the Camera itself with rotation keys that counter (and inverse to) the ship's banking. 

  • Thanks @Triem23. I figured you would know this one. Which option would you choose?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'd do it with a multi point rig. I would consider three. One for moving the ship, one for banking the ship, one for the camera. Bank and camera are bothe parented to move.  That way you can experiment with different camera angles and moves without messing up the ship animation. Rotation of the camera point will fly the camera around the model. Scaling it will move the camera closer or farther away. 

  • Hi @Triem23.

    thanks for that I've put that in place and it's all working. 

    How with this do I go about animating a smooth turn. I can sort the bank and the nose direction of the ship but it's creating a nice curve with the move point that I'm finding hard. Is there a way to create a smooth curve like you might get with a ship turning other than moving it tiny increments x and y?

    thanks again for your help 

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    Don't worry, I was using Auto Bezier but I had used two keyframes and I needed three to make it work. Just me being dumb

  • Ok I think I need to modify my rig to achieve this better. Offsetting the model from it's parent point and rotating that parent should give a nice smooth curve . Just need to think about it and there is the answer

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