For those that also use motion 5


  • He is really good. What he is getting out of Motion is always amazing. 

  • Yup! Really nice guy too, has been really helpful to me in the past

  • I've learnt a ton from Simon when it comes to Motion 5. Truly knows the ins and out of the software.

    @StephansBilderwelt - You also have a good grasp of Motion/FCP yourself. I do enjoy your Youtube channel

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nice adaptation--besides there are so many tutorials on converting from AE it's kind of nice to see someone converting from Hitfilm!

  • @GrayMotion Thanks a lot. But I have to be honest, some of the stuff I just did adopt from Simon. I have ask him once if he would be okay with it and he was. :) 

    Also I should do some new tutorials myself, I am getting a little tiered of it, because it is a lot of work to do one tutorial, and what comes back from YouTube is almost nothing. Let´s see what I will do after the holidays. 

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