3d models in hitfilm4 express

can you use 3d models in HITFILM 4 EXPRESS without any add on packs? And if so how?


  • Not really, not well or directly at least. 

    You could use a second software that handles 3d models and animate it then export the footage as 2d video file with alpha channels. Then drop it on your footage, it would be difficult to make it look convincing but yeah... technically it could be done with that work around.

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    I know there was a pack for hitfilm 3 express, is there any packs for 4 express

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    @KirstieT and @AxelWilkinson would know... they're in another time zone, so it may be a few hours before you get a DEV response.

    Here is the Add-on Page:


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    The 3D model add-on was discontinued in HF4E. This was basically done to better differentiate Express and Pro. 

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