How to 'Tag' someone in a forum post (Staff take note ;) )

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I see lots of people having problems with this - I did too - but what some of you are doing isn't working.

What seems logical is to cut'n'paste someone's name (because who wants to type it out when it's long and complicated, right? ;) ) then putting an '@' in front of it and you think it'd be all sorted.

Trouble is: it doesn't work. The clue is when you send your post and the @ has notPalacono.

Unfortunately you do have to type the name in (there are other ways, but it's more complicated) starting with the @ then the rest of the name. and it'll all change colour, like this: @Palacono.

Frustrating, and prone to error, because if you misspell someone's name, it'll still change colour, like this @PalaPalaconocono even if that person does not actually exist.

So, if you've 'tagged' someone in a post and they've not replied; that's probably the reason. ;)

(And the staff members just taking over from @SimonKJones: you're doing this too. :) )

Best of luck. :D


  • When I do it it's just to have the name included. I noticed I had to type it out very early on, such a pain xD

  • Looks like a forum bug to me, log a ticket with your provider (if u got one?)

  • Mmm, I've noticed this, and I think I fell for it once also.

    The reason is quite simple - copying and pasting somebodies name will include the link to their profile, and since the editor is programmed to allow links, the forum software thinks you are trying to create a link. This works separately to the tagging feature. In that sense it's not a bug.

    It is annoying though, and would ideally be something we'd change, so at the very least we'll pass it on to the folks at Vanilla.

    In the meantime, you can also copy and paste the name, add an "@", then remove the link (click the link icon, empty the link box and hit OK).

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    Ah, that's useful to know. On longer names, I've sometimes copyied the link address, pasted it into the box then modified the text portion to say @name - effectively doing the forum software's work for it ;) -  but that's much easier. :D


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