Do we have an up to date benchmark file?

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The question is in the title. I would like to benchmark my system, and share the results with others, and see where I land. It's a way for me to determine what component is the bottleneck. I would love a benchmark that covers majority of scenarios, so that it reflects real world use.

We could have a list/leaderboard on the website, and from the results, it would be very easy to display the best price/performance in HitFilm, Since not everyone own and use "Pro", we could have one for "Pro", and one for "Express", rather than looking at your budget and starting from scratch. You would just be able to look at the list then make decisions based of that.



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    While this may sound stupid, but this should be a priority. It would help everyone that are asking about specs to run HitFilm. This wastes Staff/Dev time. I just find it odd that no editing software has something like this built in, shame.....

    Would it be impossible to have a benchmark button in Express and Pro, a well as a project which you download that is kept up to date on the website? Wouldn't be that hard to create in my mind, but maybe it takes a long time to implement in software, who knows. But I ment as in it won't do anything that button, unless you have the benchmark file ready, and it submits the time taken after rendering and uploads it to leaderboard.

  • The benefit: The DEVs would be able to look at what most of their client's specs are and design their program around that.

    The downside: If a large portion of the community is running on $1000 machines from 2010, those of us with $1500+ rigs from 2016 might not see the progress in the software we'd like to see. Essentially the software would be the bottleneck, not the hardware.

  • They're already doing that,it's just not available to us. They design their software around what we are using for HitFilm, we just can't see it anywhere. I still think the pros outweigh the cons. 

  • As long as it competes with After Effects and is better than Motion 5 (except sound impacting the value of effects, apparently Motion is the only one that can do this) I am fine. I want to be able to make content comparable to Corridor Digital, Zach King, and the Old Freddiew Channel from a VFX standpoint.

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