GTX 1070 confirmed ~50% faster than the GTX 970 post overclocking

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That's just insanely good gains. The MSRP is slightly higher, but this is good news. Now we just need to wait for what AMD has to offer tomorrow. Their live stream goes live tomorrow May 31 at 9 PM CDT.

Now... Imagine the value on the low end cards, such as the 1060 and the R9 equivalent. Just incredible how much you can get for so little money, in comparison to a few years back.


  • I wonder if 50% faster translates to 50% more expensive.

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    @StormyKnight - 15% more expensive comparing the two MSRP's, but the 970's have dropped in price a lot since then. The GTX 1070 is beating the 980 Ti and the Titan X, impressive imo.

    The Mean in 15 games for the 1070 is 112, and for the 1080 it's 132. So, you're paying 59% more for the GTX 1080, for ~20% more performance.

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