Particle simulator flickering issue

Hi, I'm working on a movie now with large amount of 3d objects (particle simulator with 3d models as particles). My problem is that particles lighting is flickering breaking whole scene. Below are two zoomed frames. First is bad with some strange grain apears all the particles, next is clear.

I'm using 2(3) point light source and environment map to light particles.
In final render it looks like one of the light just randomly strobe. Any suggestions what is the reason of such behaviour?


  • After few hours of testing I found this effect appears when particles are spread up to close to camera or going to high(?). If the emitter cone has small angle it renders good. Maybe some of the particles goes to close to camera blocking renderer, but I can't see them. I'm not using unroled particles, so they should be rendered good in a 3D plane. Weird.

    Round 2. Fight.

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