Are there any limits vis-a-vis movie length? (Also, some Mocha Qs)

So, now that I'm working on something longer than my usual fare, I was wondering if anyone's hit any hard limits with regards to how long or complex of a movie Hitfilm can handle, or if there's any aspects of my system (RAM, etc.) that would affect same.  I'd really hate to find out the hard way, y'know?  Could I, in theory, create a feature-length film?

Also, while I have your attention, recently I've done some mask rotoscoping both with manually key framing paths in HF as well as tracking a fairly stationary mask via Mocha, as per Axel's Kylo Ren tutorial.  What are the advantages/disadvantages/limitations to each, and are there any particular cases where I'd use one over the other?  Complex masking is fairly new to me so I'd like to learn as much about it as I can.




  • No technical advice from me, but they're marketing HF4P "create huge scale movies". It would be awkward If that didnt include 90m movies with a Lot of vfx.


    My guess would be as long as your hard drive has got enough space, because RAM can only do so much, it should be possible right?

  • I believe the maximum project length in HitFilm 3 Express is around 3 hours. I'll try throw a bunch of stuff on a timeline later to confirm that more specifically.

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