How to move text from left to right?

When a photo appears on screen, I want the text to slide from left to right.

How do I do that in 3 Express?



  • Keyframe the position of the text layer. For left/right, the X axis. Start the layer where you want, which can be off screen and set your first keyframe. Then set the second keyframe at the time and position where you want the text to stop.

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    Sounds great, Thanks. I been doing this stuff with objects, so I should have worked this out myself :P

    But I would have written it this way "Double Click on the text composite. Then expand the "Transform" section.  Drag the text layer where you want it to start from, which can be off screen.

    Then press the "Position" button.

    Then drag the time line bar to time position you want the amount of time for text to move.

    Then drag the text to position you want it to end.

    That works well for me :)

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