Layers not currently selected are influenced by mouse movemet

Consider this:

A Composite shot with several layers consisting of a Back ground plate, A 3D model, a keyed video layer, light,camera and a point layer of which the 3D model is parented to.


The Problem:

After highlighting the layer one wishes to modify with the mouse.  i.e. 3D model parented point layer. Use the mouse to manually adjust the position with the X,Y,Z widget.

If perchance the mouse slightly deviates from it's position on the widget, it will activate and highlight the layer that is below the target layer and that layer will then be moved.

If you do not follow this with a quick CTL-Z , your critical placement if that layer will be compromised.  

Why can we not limit mouse induced layer movement to the "Highlighted" layer?





  • I've noticed this happen on occasion as well....and gone the Ctrl+z route. I've found selecting the layer in the Layers panel should isolate the thing you wish to move. The problem for me is- I can't replicate it consistently enough to report it as a bug and when it happens- maybe once every couple weeks- I'm not paying attention enough to see and remember exactly how it happens. It might be that using the cursor in the viewer panel isn't as accurate as it should be. (?) That's just speculation.

  • @StormyKnight

    Thanks for the quick reply.    I have found that if the composite is render intensive ie models with sub items like a Helicopter with rotating  rotors and the addition of motion blur  and several atmosphere layers it will happen most of the time.  

    I feel that ONLY the  layer that is highlighted should be influenced and not the random mis target of an overly caffeinated mouse pointer. 

  • If the selected layer is the only thing that you can move then that invalides the ability to select a layer via the view window by clicking on it in the viewer.

    When you point at the x/y/z widget be sure to watch for Hitfilm highlighting the  axis you are trying to move. Then you know Hitfilm knows are are specifically pointing at the widget and not trying to select some other object on screen.

  • edited March 2016

    Yes, I Understand. However there are times that it indeed falls off.   Many Many times I want to tweak the position of a model a smidge and due to the fact that I have everything turned on,  motion blur,  atmosphere layers and particle layers the response is a bit sluggish.  It would be great if we had the option to have the movement widget only influence highlighted layers when we want this type of precision. 


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