Using mobject models in hitfilm pro 4

although I use motion 5 a lot I want to take advantage of hitfilm's modelling capabilities. But I can't seem to find where mobject puts scenes or models on my iMac. 

Anyboy here know where I can find them, or are the models only available through the mobject interface?


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    I've tried to import mObject models into HF 4 Pro with no luck. 

    To find the models launch mObject then right click on Icon - Options/Show in Finder. Look for Model or Scenery folders

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    Pedantic note--Hitfilm has no 3D modelling functions, just animation. 

    Not a Mac guy, but the way I read it, after reading up on mObject I don't think it's possible to export it's 3D world in a way Hitfilm can read (much like you can't export a Hitfilm world to Blender. mObject (and Element 3D) both only import .OBJ files with their .mtl fies. Hitfilm imports .OBJ, .3DS, and .LWO, btw. ;-) 

    Anyways, Grey probably pointed out the right places in the filesystem,  but I bet if you did a file search, you'd find them. 

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    Thanks guys, I know HF is not a modelling package, but I wanted to import some of the motionfvx models into HF.

    Your answers are pretty much what I thought, but just in case I'd missed something thought I'd ask

  • Um..actually I just tried to import the Ak 47 model that comes with the basic package. I WAS able to import.

    I then tried one of the  extended packs Military-  Bazooka. No go. Wouldn't import. Might open up a ticket with MotionVFX

    What Triem says explains the entire process very clear. 

  • I've contacted Szymon to see what he says

    thanks again

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