Atomic tube


is it possible to make a 3d tubus/tunnel with atomic-particle?

i use hitfilm4pro


  • Yes. Take a look at these tutorials.

    In the second part Axel makes a twisty tunnel type structure. 

  • If you mask your layer into a hollow circle, then add atomic with lots of Z particles, you can then stretch the scale out into a tunnel shape. However, I'm not sure whether it's possible to make the walls of the tunnel solid - maybe some other people can chip in with ideas.


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    @SimonKJones good tip!

    You could even mask a series of concentric circles for more depth, or for more variation go into a new Composite Shot, create a wide, short solid and use some distortion filters to give some variation and wobble, then use Polar Warp to bend into a circle, and use this as an embedded composite shot for the Atomic source? 

    Another option is to use Atomic Particles to generate an animated texture for the Particle Sim as @NxVisualStudio shows here.

    NxVisualStudio, check out Simon's test above. Simple, elegant, looks sweet, and I didn't think of it first, so it's my favorite kind of tip! 

  • Yeah, things get really interesting if you add some fractal animation and animate some masks to change shape over time.

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    thank all for the comments..

    i mean... bend the atomic-"plane" with 50point/50point/1point..  and roll it like  "paper as bend a tube".. "wrapping once around a bottle-label".. to become a  tube with 50/50 atomic-points but in 3d...

    like ... paint on a a4paper 50 y 50x points and bend the paper like a telescope

    and then use this "atomic-tube" in 3d space xyz witch audio-atomic-features for visual effects.

    sorry for this english.. its definetly not my language

  • Hmmm, I'm not sure it's possible to do that. I'd probably import a 3D model of a tube, with whatever texture you want, then apply atomic to that. Although restricting it to specifically 50x50 dots would then be tricky.

    Hmm. I'll have to think on this one. :)

  • What Simon said. 

  • 50 dots is not fix, only my idea.

    i try with a blender-cone, but when i moved the cone with atomic-effect, the dots was not move with the 3d models... 

  • You can do tunnels/tubes/vortex/wormholes with the particle simulator as the tutorial Triem23 linked to shows.

    A while ago I tried a number of varieties. Most of these are just fractal patterns with a couple of masks to form ring and then using the particle sim to shoot the rings at the camera. One used the lightning effect and polar warp to bend the lightning into a ring shape.

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    Ah. Create a 3D point, parent your model to the point and also set the Transform From property in Atomic to the same point that will lock everything in synch. 

    @NormanPCN some of those tunnels have really wonderful textures! 

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    I recently did a kind of tunnel effect for a music lyrics video primarily using a variation of Hitfilm's Time Tunnel effect, but swapping out the original particle types with either transparent PNGs of time/numerical displays that I'd made, or the lightning effect cutting in and out at various points. All told an overall simple effect that was a resource-hog if there ever was one and took a really long time to fully render LOL, but I was pretty happy with the final results:

  • @Har if you haven't, check out the NxVisualStudio tutorial I linked above. If you haven't already thought of this technique yet, I think you'll want to try it out. His YouTube channel also has tutorials on setting up the particle sim to do old-school Slitscan! 

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