Kudos to Triem23 (Mike) for help on this last year.... Indiana Jones 3d map

I came across this on my site and i don't think I ever posted it on here.  Kudos to Mike ( Triem23) for helping me with this 3d moving map clip.  I needed help last year on a moving map, similar to the Indiana Jones moving map, but in 3d.  I created this as part of an Anniversary gift for my bride of 10 years.

Thanks again Mike, it was cool to go back and watch this...



  • @LIFE_LEADERSHIP - That's really fun to watch!!! Very nicely done. I suspect your bride was thrilled, yes?......and not just with going to VEGAAAAS!

  • Oh, I like the final edit with the footage over it!  

    Surely this was more than a year ago? I think that was Hitfilm 2 Ultimate.  

    Anyways, you're welcome. ☺ I learned a few cool tricks figuring that out. 

  • That was Hitfilm 2,  come to think of it.  Still trying to learn something new everyday.  Now that I've been working with after effects,  i appreciate all the options offered but it makes me appreciate Hitfilm more for its simplicity.  

    The Anniversary movie was a smash hit,  thank goodness.  It was called A TITANIC LOVE STORY,  which was loosely based on the Titanic movie.  Had fun with it but it was a lot of work.  Its a long movie but you may be interested in the opener which I used some cool special effects from Hitfilm to accomplish. It was a spoofy fun present..


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