Hope this video suggestion doesn't start another slanging match lol

some techniques using Hitfilm demonstrated here http://youtu.be/H7eCBKTMAi8


  • Ah, @OrangePekoe 's beautiful "Debris Field."

    He did that way back in Hitfilm Ultimate 2. Great breakdown to show how to plan scenes in Blender for Hitfilm render!

    Orange Pekoe's whole YouTube channel is worth a watch, and he's got some other great breakdowns

  • Yeah had a quick look at his channel, good stuff. Realised after I suggested it here it was an old one. But I found out a few things I'd wanted to know about. 

  • Very nice.


  • @GodofThunder, which bits? Depending on the technique there may be alternate ways to set it up in 3 or 4 Pro. 

  • No worries triem, I've not even started anything yet in Hitfilm, I'm still using motion 5 with an aim to cross over to HF at some point. Don't worry, when I need to know I will come asking! lol

  • I'm Windows, not Mac, but some of what Orange Pekoe goes over certainly could be useful in any kind of VFX software including Motion. 

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