HitFilm Express 3 crashes when I try to import any Media

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Hello, I'm very new to this site and the program. I was very excited to compile animations in this program, but anytime I try to import any media into editing or compositing mode hitfilm will crash before I can import anything.  My computer specs hold up with the minimum requirements, Windows 8, 64-bit, intel core i5, and 12GB RAM.

It would be so great if someone could help me, I'm eager to stop using windows movie maker!


  • udonnoodles - Sorry you are having trouble with the software, your specs look good but you've missed off the GPU (graphics card) which is possibly the most important part. HitFilm is a GPU accelerated product so having the right GPU & of course the latest drivers for your GPU are vital for the software to run efficiently.

    Do you know what GPU you have in your machine?

    Many Thanks,

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    @Ady if you hadn't noticed, this user has created two duplicate threads for this issue. The other thread may be located here: http://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/39559/hitfilm-express-3-crashes-when-importing-any-media#latest

    In his other thread, @udonnoodles indicates his GPU is an Intel HD4600, and says his drivers are current.

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    @Ady Triem23 is correct, my GPU is an Intel HD 4600 and my drivers have been updated. I figured that if I had two forums the issue would be resolved quicker, but I can take one down if it's causing any trouble.

  • udonnoodles - I have deleted the duplicate thread. Can you raised a support issue here, please send them your DxDiag also.


  • @Ady thank you for your help and patience, I have sent a ticket to the support crew.

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    Hello HitFilm Can you help me  as i click on new than crash Hitfilm how can i fix this?

  • What format is the media you're trying to import? I had Hitfilm crash on me once when I tried to import an old AVI file. 

  • Slapout if I open it and then click on new crash than anything that I can't import how can i fix that

  • @YoloKing02 I am also having the same problem I don't know why its happening

  • @Joshshelbourn @YoloKing02 please provide your system specs, including CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and if you have any Antivirus running. Also the type of footage being imported..

    Once you have provided this information check that your GPU drivers are up to date and that Quicktime is installed. 

  • hi @Triem23

    I have 8gb ram

    Intel core i5-4440 cpu


    windows 8.1

    and I don't have any anti virus software

    hope that helped

  • i am trying to install quick time but that is not working

    but im not importing footage im just pressing the new button and It brakes

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    @joshshelbourn - not having antivirus is foolish.

    If you are having trouble installing a legit copy of quicktime (or any other legit setup program), then you more than likely have malware and viruses.  You will require startup protection (www.winpatrol.com) and antivirus (www.avast.com) - those are good ones.

    More than likely you should NOT do this yourself - have a technology expert antivirus your machine for you - I guarantee you have tons of crap gooking up your machine.

    You just cannot NOT have protection in this day and age on the internet.  You do not need to 'get' a virus any longer - they come to you from all directions.


  • @joshshelbourn You should at least have Windows Defender for anti-virus if nothing else as it's part of Win 8.1 unless you disabled it for some reason. If you can bring it up do a full scan with it. If you can't bring it up and you didn't disable it then you definitely have malware that disabled it.

    There are other free tools to help clean an infected system like Dr .Web CureIt and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    Another thing to try that can fix a lot of problems is CCleaner. It'll clear out temp files, fix registry errors and gives you an easy way to adjust your startup programs and scheduled tasks. This video covers how to fix registry errors with it.


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    I advise against CCleaner - in the hands of a novice you can do incredible damage to Windows and the registry. It deletes with impugnity.

    Avoid it unless you are very tech savvy.


  • @karma I have to disagree with that completely. CCleaner is hands down the safest option for a novice. It prompts the user to make a backup before any registry changes and anything it does is imminently and reliably reversible. It's also the ONLY tool of its type the BleepingComputer folks, myself and several dozen other support types I've met or worked with over years would ever recommend to a novice for registry cleanup after removing a virus just because it's next to impossible to get it to do any real damage even in the hands of somebody totally inept on the other end of the phone 1000 miles away.

  • I agree with @Aladdin4d. I do not believe CCleaner is aggressive at registry cleanup as some tools out there.

    I don't mess with registry cleanup much. Mostly just cleanup of droppings left behind by uninstalls and dead application paths.

  • Tell that to at least 20 of my clients (I repair computers for a living) that used it and destroyed Windows requiring a total re-install.

    I hate to say this, but most people do not read directions, do not even know what a backup is - you are assuming they even know what ccleaner does.  In most of the cases involving Windows corruption, a 'friend' advised it, installed and had NO IDEA what he/she was doing.

    Just saying...


  • @karma not trying to be a jerk but I seriously doubt CCleaner usage was the root cause that destroyed a Windows installation and I would freely tell that to you, all of your clients and absolutely tell them to install and use it again and take full responsibility for anything bad that happened afterwards. It's just not that aggressive nor does it operate with high enough privileges to cause that kind of damage.

    For personal reasons I moved on from what I was doing but even so I still average around 200 deployments per quarter and at the peak I was personally doing over 500 per quarter for hundreds of end clients. If you've ever used a supplied computer at a trade show, convention, seminar etc etc odds are it's one of "mine". or at least based off of my deployment schemes for short term rental machines. The usage instances for CCleaner either by me personally or at my direction number in the 10's of thousands now and in all those times there's only been one instance where a CCleaner made registry backup had to be restored and at no time has it ever come remotely close to destroying Windows. Over the years it's probably been the single most reliable and consistent troubleshooting tool in my kit.

  • Was there any solution found for the actual problem?

    I just downloaded HitFilm Express and I have a similar problem:

    I want to import some avi files, but with most of them HitFilm crashes while "loading" (for some reason some of them work, even though there is no obvious difference).

  • I have the same issue.

    I specs are as follows:

    Ryzen R7 1700/16GB 2133 ram/Nvidia 1060 6GB vram

    I do notice, the longer the video I'm trying to import, the more likely i'm gonna crash.


  • Please don't piggyback new issues onto an old thread, especially when it involves crashes. While some crash causes may overlap, it's makes tracking issues easier if you make a new post to discuss your specific situation (particularly when you're probably not using the same version of the software that the OP did nearly two years ago).  I'll let the mods decide if this all stays in this thread, or moves to a new one.

    Now, about your situation.  I can't offer any commentary about your system specs as I'm a Mac user, so I'll move into asking about your media files.  First off, are you transcoding them before bringing them into HitFilm?  If you don't know what transcoding is and why you should be doing it, watch this:


    It would also help to know more specifics about one of your problem files.  If you would, install MediaInfo, drag one of your files into it (perhaps a larger one that led to a crash in the past), switch the app to Text view, and copy and paste the contents of the report into a reply here.

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