HitFilm 4 Pro Update #3

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Today's update is a big one. We've got particle performance boosts, new camera controls, new auto-alignment and extensive new performance management tools. Head over to the blog to find out the full details.



  • Wow - need to play w/ the new tools & improvements. Thanks so much for this piece of software...;-)

  • Good Simon, I can't believe this blog didn't contain your earlier, all-caps, "THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!" 

    Such shouting is well deserved. 

    The "VFX for Guerilla Filmakers" course AND Update#3 in the same week? You're too good to us, FxHome. 

  • Interesting new update. I really like the new target control feature. It makes easy to follow objects or align a green screen footage. I have a question in mind and without a PC now I can't answer it myself. Is it possible this way to set a green screen footage to follow the camera like a billboard?

    Thank you for this amazing  update!

  • @Messen I believe you can set a target for a 3D layer, in which case have the layer target the camera. This is not only of use for greenscreen footage, but also for psuedo3D effects like Extrusion since they can be assigned to 3D planes which would stay facing the camera, eliminating hitting the edge of the clipping plane. 

  • @Triem23 Nice trick, thank you to mention it! When I mentioned the green screen footage I have the Lord of the Rings forced perspective effect in mind without a motion capture camera rig (way over my budget :) ). Maybe we can cheat this effect for small camera moves or camera shakes this way.

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    @Messen it should let you put a model on a 3D plane a keep it billboarded to camera, which it almost as good as 3D Unrolled, but you can add effects directly to the model layer. 

  • @Triem23 My problem is with 3D unrolled is when you want to add something in a fix position, like an image of a galaxy in the x-wing fly-by scene, you have to put the galaxy's image way to far and have to scale up the image to achieve than with 3D unrolled. Billboarding[sic] is cheaper this way. You can add the galaxy's image much closer and still have the effect of the distance and you don't have to have a large image for that. With 3D unrolled you have some artifacts to deal with when the camera not just rotate, but glide too if you put the galaxy too close to the camera.

  • It's also worth investigating the environment map viewer trick I used in the recent tutorial. Very handy for creating 'infinite distance' skyboxes:


  • The camera move tool looks really cool, once I have got my head around it that is. Hope I get some time to play soon.

  • SimonKJones I know this tutorial, many thanks for it. This trick is handy after an opening crawl when the camera tilt down and the action begins :)

  • @SimonKJones btw, I later spent another hour messing with that "15 second camera setup," bit, really only because the alignment options made it so easy I went ahead and tried several different motion paths for the varied ships in the shot, because I knew it wasn't going to be tedious to alter the camera to match the new motions.  

  • Exciting stuff! Oh man, looks like it's time to finally download and install the HF4 Pro I bought a little while back (was waiting to get a 1TB SSD for my PC, which I finally now have in place). Wheeeee! 

  • I can Whole heartedly confirm that the update has put to bed some nasty itches @SimonKJones A Manley rise of the tea cup from dish has been served.

    @Triem23 This does indeed change everything but maybe Apple put a patent  on the saying, A caution to the wind ;) you never know haha 

  • Not sure if what I am reading is the same as what I am about to mention, but I thought the best way to do starfields that loom always in the background and are always present would be to parent the starfield picture (or object, as in a starfield sphere) to the camera so that it moves along with the camera.  That is how it's done in game creation.  We create a massive sphere and environment map the skybox or starfield to the inside of the sphere and then parent that to the player.  The result is a never ending starfield that is always there.  Anything you want to fly by the camera/player you just create as layers and allow the camera to fly by them, such as nebula, dust, asteroids, etc.

    I am stoked about this new update, though.  THANK YOU SIMON AND CREW.  Very pleased.


  • Oh man! Freakin' awesome!

  • Spoke too soon.  I installed the update and now I cannot load the project I have been working on in the previous verion.  It crashes Hitfilm.  It sent a bug dump to you guys.

    I need this working!


  • @Karma Hitfilm more or less dors this. The "Environment Map Viewer" effect allows you to wrap an image around the inner surface of an infinite sphere. The effect can alter rotation of said sphere, and the apparent FOV can be altered by scaling the Env Map layer. 

  • Yeah, the env map effect is always locked positionally to the camera, so moving laterally doesn't move the wrapped source. But camera rotation causes the wrapped environment to animate accordingly.

  • @karma can you please submit a support ticket with the project in question so we can examine it? Thanks!

  • @SimonKJones since Environment Maps are affected by the layer's transform properties, have you ever tried setting up, say, two identically sized starfield maps as Environment Maps in the same Composite Shot (obviously top one set to ADD blend) with the bottom layer scaled just a bit smaller? You can actually set up multiple planes of parallax that way. Or, take a Spherical Panorama of a landscape, mask out the sky and drop in a panoramic sky behind? Either way, parallax shift from infinte spheres! 

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    I could kiss you guys.

    BTW: do you have a link for that model on turbosquid?

  • As soon as I get back i'll send it.


  •  A quick Thank You to the Devs

    This was meant to be an overhead stress test but ended up a little more. but the results do not lie.

    It has before Almost made me go this far ;)


  • Oooo..the clipping is gone! Thanks for the run @NVXisualStudio and a huge kudos the the FXHome team. Great stuff!

  • @NxVisualStudio first I lunged for the volume, then chortled. Then I think I drooled a little. 

    Beautiful shot, and I think you just made all the 3D guy's days. 

  • @GrayMotion Indeed It has :D

    @Triem23 ;Had to be done :') 

  •  The targeting feature pre-emptively filled an item I was going to add to the wishlist.

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    • "The camera’s near and far clipping values can now be adjusted to clip 3D models. This reduces Z-fighting"

    Where are these clipping values?

  • @NormanPCN In your camera properties, increase (Near Clip Distance) to around 3.00, you won't need much as the higher that value goes the more chance you have of cutting the topology (clip) 


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    Thanks. My bad. I was looking in the controls panel for those properties. I just did a right click on the camera and found them.

    edit: I just switched near clip to 1.1 from 0.1, and that simple change cleaned up an issue I had with my @Triem23 procedural 3D sphere engine exhaust glow Z "flicker". The spheres were occasionally jumping in Z position. Jumping into the model made them disappear for a frame. 99.9% good and now 100%. :)

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