Smoothest Format for Editing

Hi everybody.

This might have been asked here before. What's the smoothest format/codec/wrapper for compositing in HF? I'm using AVCHD from a sony camera. In Vegas it's not too bad. In HF it' s a bit laggy. I know it's not the best format for editing. What would you recomend as a format to transcode to without much loss of quality?


  • Hitfilm does seem to have a higher basic playback overhead compared to Vegas for example. AVC can push Hitfilm over the edge.

    You can try DNxHD or Cineform. Cliptoolz can convert to do DNxHD. 8-bit standard quality should be fine. I've used GoPro studio to do Cineform. I'm not sure GoPro studio will read the AVCHD. I've only tried DSLR files and GoPro of course. You can always use Vegas to transcode.

    Lately, for myself, I have been trying a fast decoding encode of AVC in MP4 files.

  • What about your experiences with DNxHD. Does it edit smoothly in HF? I'm also having ridiculous crashing issues with HF. Might be the AVCHD. 

    What exactly do you mean by "fast decoding encode of AVC in MP4 files".

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Ummm pick one from this thread?

    With that in mind HitFilm Staff recommends DNxHD for Windows users but I and others on here use Cineform too. Since you're a Vegas user too this goes through how to set up DNxHD templates in Vegas

  • Cool. Thanks. I'll try this when I get home.

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