How do u do animated masks? And whats a good NVIDIA video card to get?

wanted to know how to do animated masks for stop motion, to remove rigs, hands, etc. that are used to help animate the character.


  • After you've created the mask, expand its properties in the timeline tree. Make the 'Path' property animatable by clicking the button to the left of the title. The button will turn green and a new keyframe will be created where the playhead is.
    Now move the playhead forward a few seconds. Move the mask points in the viewer by dragging the handles. This will create a new keyframe. If you now move the playhead between the keyframes, the mask shape will animate.
    You can also create additional keyframes using the toggle keyframe button right of the New Layer button (the green button with the +) and you can move/scale the keyframes like any other property.
    Hope this helps :)
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    Reg. your GFX card question:
    As depends on your budget - go for a GeForce GTX460 or GTX480
  • Is it possible to have motion blur on masks? I've noticed that turning it on for the layer doesn't do anything with an animated mask.
  • A couple of tips for animating masks, following on from Danny's post:
    - If you want to move individual mask points, select the freehand drawing tool in the viewer.
    - If you want to move the entire mask, or warp its shape, use the Select tool in the viewer.
    - In both cases you need to also have the relevant mask selected on the timeline.

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