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  • I have my tricks. :)

  • Yes . . .  tricksee he is.

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    A few more before bed.

    Too tired to explain right now but the first two pics show what HitFilm does with a Model that has one texture set and multiple materials... it turns every material into an animation group. The model is supposed to have five animation groups but imports like this. I'll post some screens of the fix tomorrow.


    Close ups of 8k textures scaled to 4k in Hitfilm Project settings and using the generic Phong Shader.

    Learned some stuff on optimizing HitFilms viewport performance as well. Will share that later too. :)

    Time for some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    Finished rigging two fighters with the Texture/Material trick. I used both Blender and the free Autodesk fbx converter to get the same animation groups that I specified in Blender. Works like a charm. :)

  • Been busy all week so here's some more Texture/Multi Material Magic. Rigged two E7 X-wings but this is the Black and Red  in .obj and .fbx      Looking at the dialogues, you can see the pros and cons of both export formats but they both work if you're willing to do the manual leg work to get them imported into HitFilm with everything working properly. 

    This is the .fbx model.


    This is the .obj model.

    FYI these are 16K textures "Just a test" in HitFilm!!! :) but because of the way I put everything together... well you simply wouldn't believe how well these models perform. Exited! :)  

  • Feels really good to be all caught up with certain things. Deep breath. :)

    So who wants to talk about me giving away a few of those older X-Wings and or Tie-Fighters that have differing LOD geometry and texures from 1K up to 8K as soon as I upload them in the next few days? Don't over complicate it, they will be free. :)  

  • @spydurhank ; Really?  That would be so sweet!  Your models always look so fantastic!

  • *Raises hand, jumps up and down, squealing. *

  • @spydurhank that would be great! The models look so nice! Would they come pre-rigged with materials set up in HitFilm?

  • The older LOD models are in .obj and a HitFilm Composite Shot which work in the latest version of HitFilm Pro. They also work in previous versions of HFP but requires a different import method. They have 4 materials with named and rigged animation groups only. They are very simple because they are supposed to be used as background fillers in a particle sim without killing your computer, they shouldn't be used for close ups although you can get the camera fairly close to the 8K models till you start seeing the .jpg and or .png compression in the textures. Anyway, you guys have seen what they look like. You'll get one, two, maybe three of the LOD stuff for free with a breakdown video of how to use them in HitFilm Pro.

    Now for the new stuff you haven't seen. Sorry no pics yet, just very successful experiments. I've been painting my models the last two weeks or so, in 16k 32bit .exr and importing them into HFP with the multi material hack. They are smashing and you can set the camera up for very super extreme closeups. Unfortunately I will have to scale the textures down to 8k so I can keep my sanity during upload. I am going to give away one of these newer models as well so you guys can check out the awesome .exr sweetness. There is no performance loss in HFP due to these large .exr textures either. The models are saved in .fbx and .obj and a HitFilm Composite Shot for each model format. They are fully rigged for animation. Wings/Weapons/Engines all have 3D points parented named and grouped. All you have to do is drop a model into whatever scene you want and tweak the materials.  :)      


  • @spydurhank   Looking forward to the awesomeness.

  •  I got a question. Where do you post your stuff. For sale or free?

  • I'll post a download link when ready. Some for sale some for free. I'm uploading the free stuff first so all of you can have a play.

    Glad you guys like the idea. :) 

  • Um, high quality Star Wars models with higher res textures than most Star Wars commercial fan models, pre-rigged in a Composite Shot for easy import saving us hours of materials tweaking and minutes of point rigging? What's not to like? 

  • Oh my gosh, upload is sooooooooooo slow.

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    I can't wait! I'd like to try  them with the low resolution textures with the new dogfight tutorial from @HitfilmSensei...

  • Tried uploading one of the 8K .exr models and HF composite shots, although the project files are just under one gig after compression, I didn't make a dent during the attempt... So I've started downscaling the textures to a much more upload friendly 4K. Sorry, I just don't have the internet upload chops. I really wanted you guys to see the 8k textures but the 4k textures still look really, really good and they'll do for now till I can figure an easier way to get the 8K stuff online. 

  • Maybe try a different image format other than EXR. The compression on that might do better. Did you try different compression formats for EXR?

    Maybe a 444 jpeg. Even a 422 jpeg should be awfully good and be reasonably small. Sadly a lot, nay most, software limits you to 420 jpeg but there are some smarter/flexible tools out there.  Honestly even a 420 jpeg will look pretty good and saves a lot of space, even with low compression. It's so common cause it can work so well.

  • @NormanPCN ;

    I'm sticking with .exr from now on, the "zip" compression works the best from what I can tell.

    If I want to upload the 8K stuff right now I could but, I would need to subtract the least needed item and that would be the HitFilm Composite Shots that contain all the rigged models... that defeats the whole point. I'll figure something out though.  

  • I know Hitfilm stores the 3D model geometry in the Hitfilm project files. So with a project in the DL file you could skip the model file if necessary. I don't think Hitfilm stores the textures in project. The model file is probably the least of your worries.

  • @spydurhank - I don't know if I'll use the Star Wars models but I look forward to seeing other models you have for sale. Awesome stuff as always!!! The X-wing looks absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!

  • @Norman is correct. Geometry is stored in a project file, textures are not. Which means... Giving away your Hitfilm project setups is a backdoor way to protect your IP. Unless someone wants to hack into a project file and extract the model data, your models won't end up in Blender and Maya, etc.

  • Oooh thanks, interesting. :)

  • Using the .hfcs to carry the geometry data is genius, I never new this was a feature. Thanks for letting me know guys. Amazing stuff coming at you soon-ish. :)

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    Free models for everyone!!!

    Just under a gig so watch the short video while you wait. :)


  • @DanielGWood I WANT A LIKE BUTTON! >profane rant< :D

    Away from my comp, but Merry Christmas to you too, Frank. Helluva gift to the community. 

  • @spydurhank ; May your Christmas be Merry and your New Year filled much joy.  Thank you for the wonderful present to us all.  Just hope I can do it justice somehow.

  • @spydurhank ; Way cool!  Big Badda Boom!

    Thank you sir.  Looking forward to pawing through all the textures and get a grip on how to make that work well in HF.

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