How to increase composite duration?

Hi There,
Is there a way to change the a composite's duration after it's been created?
Thanks for your help!


  • Nice video, Win. For a quick text version:
    You can edit a comp's properties by clicking the cog in the Media panel next to the appropriate composite shot, or if you've already got the composite shot open on the timeline you can click the 'Properties' link on the top-right of the timeline.
  • Great vid Win! Thank you for taking the time to record that.
    Simon, thanks for following up.
    Thank you - the problem is solved.
  • thnk u simon

  • Hope this works

  • I'm trying to increase the duration but a few seconds in it disappears to the checkerboard screen,help please?



  • @AveragePcGamer Once you've extended the duration of a composite shot, you also need to extend the length of any layers that you want to still be active during that added time.  Lengthening a comp doesn't automatically lengthen its contents.

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