Game of Thrones opening scene re creation

Hey fellow Hit filmers, I was asked if there was any way that I could re create the opening to The Game of thrones, but use a map of Tampa, Florida and 5 specific locations of Real Estate offices in the video that I suppose would have to be created somehow.  It is a complex shot I realize but anything can be done with the right tools and expertise. 

I have been looking around for templates but can't find much.  I do use cinema 4D and after effects,  but only on an amatuer level ( mostly use templates ) but can do just about anything with HF now. 

Any and all thoughts,  guidance, advice or help would be welcome!



  • here's an example of what someone did

  • Usually our resident experts have an idea or two? Anyone? Any thoughts? 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Hoo... The GoT intro is tricksy, yessss, tricksy. 

    Problem is I can't really think of a good way to "Fake" this. Bottom line is you're going to need 3D assets that are "close enough" to the buildings they represent. I don't think you're a modeller, so you're hoping to find free, texture mapped buildings to retexture with the photos you have to go take. 

    Growth is tricky as well. I would probably cheat and combine pushing the model up from the ground with keyframing scale on the Y-axis.

    Getting bits to pop in during growth... Well, you could import each and every separate chunk of everything as a seperate animation group and play around. With the right model... 

    This is really a task for a dedicated 3D app. The artist who's work you shared above did most of his work in C4D.  It can be done in Hitfilm, but generating proper assets still requires 3D modelling. Minimum, knowing how to paint over a UV map. 

    If you are willing to forgo accuracy for parody, taking photos and playing with masking and either 3D parallax, camera projection or displacement might be cool. 

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    I've been bouncing around ideas for this for a while now. The local Ren Faire had an Iron Throne and I've got some decent clips and stills of my granddaughter trying it out for size. Not an original idea by far but hey might still be fun right?

    Anyway I agree the way to get the best results is probably with a dedicated 3D app and hope you can find or either make all the models you need but I think, just think mind you I haven't tried anything yet, Google Earth Pro which is now free might go a long way towards pulling off a convincing fake.

    Obviously no hard workflow details figured out yet but use Google Earth to export some high resolution plates like a high shot and a zoomed in shot of the location which you then "trace" in a paint program of your choice converting them into painted mattes. In HitFilm import your mattes, use masking, 3D parallax, projection, pushing from the ground on the Y-axis, basically everything Triem23 mentioned. Still a lot of work but probably a lot less than learning a 3D app (unless you want to of course). 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Google Earth Pro is free now? Um... Nice... What's good about Google Earth Pro is it lets you export animation, so going from point A to B is easy. Then toggle between the fake 3D and flat with screenshots of each, and you get a "clean" plate and a grow plate. Mask the 3D then animate the mask to grow... Yeah, Google Earth Pro makes this easier. 

    See, the Karaoke company I do stuff with. He's been wanting to do a GoT style video for all the bars for awhile... I have also been trying to figure this out. 

  • @Triem23  Some more of my semi-random thoughts on this. I'm not sure exporting an animation from Google Earth is the "best" way to go because it might end up being more work to get the look I want. It might be the best, just not sure. With that in mind I was thinking along the lines of joining a series of still exports together to create an outrageously large matte painting then cut that painting into sections HitFilm can handle (Gimp's Guillotine tool). The results should reassemble seamlessly. More work to animate yes but still might be less work overall or a better result. Again just not sure. 

    Zooming in on a location - Depends mainly on just how far scale can be pushed. Since I'm thinking paintings I should be able to push pretty far. On the other hand it may very well mean going back to a Google Earth animation but another possibility is a couple of plates, some zoom, a dash of frame interpolation and taking shameless advantage of the magnification lens change to obscure any irregularities. Pure conjecture so take it for what it's worth.

  • thanks guys, I realize it's going to be a tricky scene to re create. I do have Cinema 4d and Blender however I've only been able to work with templates. I wish I had the knowledge and experience to do this job utilizing c4d. I'd like to learn it but for now, I'm going to have to attempt some of the ideas you presented utilizing hf4.

    While I have you guys there I have one more scene I need help with. In the beginning of any of the Star Wars openers,  after the scrolling text in space  fades away, the camera shot pans down to the planet... how do I re-create the pan shot in space. . I'm using a plane with a 2d  picture of a star field. .. any thoughts on how to pan around in 3d  like in the opening sw  scenes?  I'm creating an opener for a company where the text scrolls, fades away, then the camera pans down in space towards  earth, followed by a zoom in to a specific location on earth (using Google maps most likely )

    thanks as always!


  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator
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    @LIFE_LEADERSHIP I think you should take a look at a couple of recent tutorials. The first is actually about creating a scene similar to one in the original Star Wars but SimonKJones also covers creating a star field in 3D space using atomic particles. That starts @1:57

    And the second is the companion video on creating planets. You probably don't want to create everything from scratch for what you wanting to accomplish so file it under "Good to know" and it might cover a thing or two that you can use.

    Now I'm going to tag @Triem23 because he has some really great tips on setting up the camera for more realistic motion that you're going to want to know about. I'm not finding the right posts because of the spam at the moment so hopefully he knows where his posts on this are:)

  • Oh no.... not again!  SPAM attack...

    thanks guys

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    Just letting you know that this tutorial was excellent and with your help, creating the 3d star field and space scene worked great.  

    Still working on zoom to Earth location.. Google Earth doesn't look very realistic from space until you get closer.. looking for a better way still.. thanks again for the guidance! 

  • Mike,

    Here is an updated EARTH and Zoom shot with a Satellite fly by... check it out... of Excellence 2016 Opener.mp4?dl=0

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Looking very nice! Also you got Florida closer to center, and got rid of the location pin. Definitely helps sell the shot. I expect cheers from your audience. 

  • Ha, ha! Nicely done! I like the satellite fly by. The zoom works pretty well and doesn't look bad with the spin.

    I'm working on something similar for a local live theater but it won't be ready for a week and a half or so. I've used Google Earth before like you did too! Great minds think alike.  ;^)

  • awesome.... I'd like to see it when you're done..

  • Thanks Mike, I appreciate your input, it means a lot coming from you.:)


  • Well, both movies Clips were shown to almost 400 Realtors and to my surprise , both videos got a standing ovation ( primarily because it was done in honor of my brother ) but they all loved it. Thanks again for the help.

    Does anyone know anything about Poser 11 or Poser pro 3d program? I decided to work on that Game of Thrones opening recreation with the 3d extrusions on a map of Florida panning to 5 different Real Estate locations.  This program looks  promising to be able to help accomplish this. .. I have a long time to finish it now. . any thoughts? 




  • If anyone is interested in collaborating on a Game of Thrones type opening, using some of those ideas above from Mike and Aladdin 4d, I have several months to figure it out so if you Have time to try a few of your ideas,  I'd love to see how they work out.  I kinda understand some of the ideas presented,  but just trying to figure out how to implement them. Even with your awesome descriptions,  I am still learning. .

  • @LIFE_LEADERSHIP I'll be trying things out off and on so I'll let you know how it goes. I'm also looking into things like this:

    This is a phone app from Autodesk that creates 3D models from a sequence of stills. Something like this might be handy for the locations you plan on doing.

  • Interesting Idea. .. Based on that,  what then can be done to create the illusion of extrusion?  Simply a shift in the y axis from below the ground to above?  

    Let me know.   what I'm trying to find is a quality 3d map of Tampa Florida or a way to recreate a GOT style map of Florida in a flat plane that I can make 3d and pan around like Mike (Triem 23) 3d map concept...

    my game plan is to simulate this scene best I can without having shoot for accuracy.  That is too Much work.  you've all seen the spoof videos and they are amazing, but without the knowledge,  it can't be done.  theres no templates or tutorials unless you guys have any connections.  Again, I do have c4d and after effects, just not able to whip something up without guidance..


     I'd settle for generic buildings that extrude as long as it's a GOT style map specific to Florida and I can slap the names of the offices and Specific locations along side the area just like in GOT.  I could borrow footage and splice the rest together with music from there and create my own opening and ending 5 second titles in HF.. 

  • "Simply a shift in the y axis from below the ground to above?"

    Yep that's exactly what I plan on doing.

    There's e-on Vue which generates landscapes and environments. There's a free version but I don't know what the limitations are and it might end up being too realistic which brings up Project Dogwaffle Howler. It can also generate landscapes and environments but not necessarily as realistically so it might be better. It's really a paint program so I was planning on using for at least part of this at some point. Compared to paid versions of Vue it's dirt cheap too.

    Keep in mind I'm just tossing out ideas and kind of random thoughts here. I haven't settled on anything yet.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Move the anchor point to the bottom of the building and try combining Y-scaling with the movement? 

  • Check out this site VIDEOTRACE it looks like it hasn't been updated for awhile but I was still able to downloaded the demo a few months back. 


  • wow, that looks pretty good! I'll look into video trace..

    Since we are just throwing ideas out there,  I consider this the planning stage. 

    What do you think the best way would be to create the base GOT type  map, in this case a map of Tampa Florida?  

    I also have to decide whether I'm going to stick with the animated versions of got or a more realistic version where i use actual rendered versions of the buildings I am trying to include.... if I use a more realistic approach,  I'm not sure how I would approach this. .. maybe use flat maps of Tampa Florida using Google or an animated map of tampa.. not sure but personally I'd like to keep it close to what the actual got opener looks like

  • @PaulHesh I had actually seen that one before but for the life of me couldn't remember the name of it! There's a couple of other similar programs I linked to in this thread:


    I DO like this idea... use Google maps to fly around where everything else is some what flat but the buildings I'm trying to display are in 3d... how could this be done thenothing using an extrusion effect? 

  • I am convinced that this is the way to go since i would not be able to do what i would like which is to create a GOT style map just like the original.. However, I can compromise and zoom to the location, followed by an animated keyframed extrusion somehow of each location...

    If anyone is interested in trying, here are the locations...

    Florida Executive Realty


    15802 Amberly Drive

    Tampa FL 33647


    14007 N Dale Mabry Highway

    Tampa Fl 33618


    3050 S. Dale Mabry Highway

    Tampa FL 33629


    10311 Radcliffe Drive

    Tampa FL33626


    130 E Bloomingdale Avenue

    Tampa FL 33511



  • "I DO like this idea... use Google maps to fly around where everything else is some what flat but the buildings I'm trying to display are in 3d... how could this be done thenothing using an extrusion effect? "

    This is why one of my thoughts was using a matte painting and pushing the Google Earth 3D imagery through the matte. 

  • You could probably hire the neighbors kids to help you with this.

    Now this looks cool but I have no clue what Unturned is.


    $300 or so, works with C4D









  • The free realistic Earth model is actually 15 dollars and I purchased that already last week. 

    I'm thinking I can do what I need to with the flight simulator feature within Google Earth. ..The only thing I have to figure out is how to extrude a building. . I'll end up trying the suggestions earlier in this thread. .. 

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    @LIFE_LEADERSHIP ; Just saw this, you'll have to look into it more than the 2mins I gave it.





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