Best Intermediate Format for HF

So, what is the best intermediate format for HF? I know uncompressed will be mentioned here, but that is an awful lot of disk space with 1080 footage.
Also, what converters do you folks use to output your intermediate (editable) footage?
Edit: forgot to mention most of my raw footage is AVCHD (mts files) from a Sony CX160.


  • Cineform is the one i use mainly with 1440 x 1080 PAR @ 1.33, also works with 1920 x 1080 if you only have NeoScene but all the way up to 4K & beyond with the higher products.
    Excellent quality, i have no complaints at all, files play like a rocket on the Sony Vegas timeline but Hitfilm needs a little tweaking yet for this codec.
    I'd recommend Cineform to anyone working with .Avi's intermediatly.
  • Once we've got some of these new optimizations online for you guys it'll be a lot easier to answer this question. :)
  • OK, great :)
    Keep this topic in mind once those optimizations are released to let us know.

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