Canon EOS-M Mirrorless camera

I just saw an announcement of this camera from Canon yesterday, but haven't heard anything else about it. Its an interchangeable lens camera, but its mirrorless, which means you can shoot video with auto-focus. APS-C sensor size, like in the Rebel series or the 7D, but apparently with improved low-light abilities due to there not being a mirror involved. And the kit with a lens starts at only $850, so its pretty affordable. Has anybody else found seen any info on this new piece of kit?
I admit its definitely piqued my interest.


  • Here is an interesting YouTube video from Graham Houghton on the EOS M.
    He didn't like the slow focus and returned the camera. He also has several other YouTube videos showing sample video and stills from the EOS M.
  • Hm, he doesn't even mention video abilities, which is the only reason the camera interests me. And his reasons for returning it are kind of extreme situations that are irrelevant to me, though they may still be valid ares where future versions of the camera can be improved. Thanks for the link though, it was informative.
  • Does mirrorless mean no rolling shutter?

  • Does mirrorless mean no rolling shutter?

    No. That has to do with the sensor, not the mirror.

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