Do I need to have like lots of RAM and a nice graphic card to use HitFilm?

Okay so I just bought HitFilm Standard because I'm not really a pro but I like editing visual effects and what not. Now I'm only a kid so I don't have a job to afford new things all the time. I have a basic computer, I never put in new graphics card or lots of RAM. For example I have about 4GB of RAM and my graphics card is the same as when I bought the computer. It's like HD something.
As we speak HitFilm is very slow and skips a lot. Now I've read that they're making updates but I'm not sure that its the program. Could it be mostly my computer? If so does that mean I need to go out and buy about 12GB of RAM and a fancy graphics card? Or when they make all their updates will I be able to run it as smooth as running any other editing program, like After Effects and Sony Vegas.
Please Help, thanks.


  • Hi there,
    The system requirements for HitFilm are detailed here.
    As you can see, you don't need 16 GB of RAM, but a fairly decent graphics card is a must. You can find out what graphics card you have here. You should also check you have the latest drivers for your card, that can help stability.
  • Thanks for the help, I need to bother you for one more thing though. How much does the NVIDIA GeForce 7900G cost and how much does the NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT cost? I researched and couldn't find prices. Also where do I buy them?
    Thanks again.
  • Hi there,
    these Graphics-Cards aren't really produced anymore. At least the 7900G is from 2008 or something.
    What is your Budget? If we know, we can figure out a nice solution for you.
  • Well I don't really have a budget... but I guess I'm trying to get something under 200... but can you tell me the cheapest one. ): The way I get my money is through Christmas and Birthday so I'm trying to keep things cheap.
  • "The cheapest" will give you more of the cheapest Performace too :)
    I would head for a GeForce GTX560 or GTX460, something like that (NOT a GTX550/450, they're weak...).
    I don't know where you live and which Money you got, 200€ aren't 200 Pund aren't 200$ :)
  • haha Alright well. Can you transfer the program over to another computer?
  • Yes, you can. You can only have it installed on one computer at a time, but switching it from one computer to another is fine. You can re-activate the software up to ten times in a year, so you could switch computers almost every month if you wanted.

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