is it the demo or my computer? the smoke takes ages to load along with tonnes of FX, so i can't edit properly, and then my computer kept freezing and then it suddenly jumped to a grey and whit strippy screen. so i had to quit hitfilm... why is this, or can my comoputer not run the real thing then :(


  • Some system specs, including the particular graphics card you have installed, will help in determining whether your system is involved in the slowness. However, the software isn't as quick yet as it will be soon, as more and more optimization is done by the programmers. It will get faster and faster as updates are released.
    As far as the grey and white screen though, that doesn't sound right. What were you doing when you ran into that? Can you reproduce that behavior, or get a screenshot of what happened?
  • I can't get screen shot because it froze at that time.
    So the fx I used take ages to load, so I can't watch what I have done, and I don't know where the render button is so I cn save it then watch it, so will they get patched or edited to make better?
  • I find it gets laggy if the smoke is emitting from 1 spot and not moving, when the smoke moves and spreads there's less lag somehow. Also if you're applying a lot of effects try changing the viewer resolution down to half or quarter for the sake of editing. If it's set to full res then you will struggle a bit with plenty of effects applied.
  • How do you decrease the res?
  • Use the Render menu at the top of the Viewer to change the resolution that the viewer renders at.
    As far as exporting, there is an Export tab at the top of the interface, which will take you to all of the export controls.
  • Thanks :D so before I definitely buy it, the software will run smoother with more up dates?
  • Yes, performance will improve with updates in the near future. As we complete these updates, the demo will be updated as well, so if you are more comfortable sticking with the demo until the performance improves, then making the purchase, you will be able to gauge the improvements from the demo as they are completed.
  • Okay, thanks, I won't bug you anymore :) !
  • Heh, no worries, we are here to answer any questions you run into.

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