free footage for VFX practice!

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I've uploaded a few action based clips for everyone to play around with, these shots will give you a chance to practice things like muzzle flashes, bullet hits, motion tracking and maybe even blood. There are currently 6 clips up in 2 zip files, I may add to this when i take more footage so keep an eye out for updates.
The clips in these zips are from a couple of my Shorts from last year,
End of the Line
Darkest Days
To those who download the footage, good luck and share what you make! All i ask for in return is if you upload online, just link back to my youtube channel and feel free to subscribe - and


  • Very cool! I'll look into when I have more time! :)
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    Now that H.264 is a bit more optimized and running smoothly, I might borrow some of this footage to try a few tests myself. Thanks for the link-up, StrikeEm.
  • Update on main post, new free footage!
    hope this helps some of you guys.
  • Can you add new download? US gov has taken down the website.
  • Check out this vimeo group. There are a couple of others like it on vimeo as well.
    Free HD stock footage

  • Can you add new download? US gov has taken down the website.

    Use the other download link in the main post which is under the 'Update' or the link in my last post. It's not the same footage, it's probably better for starters.
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    Thanks for this footage StrikeEm!
    (Fake)weapons are illegal in my country so this is a good chance to test some muzzleflares etc:)
    FX made with AE, but edited with Hitfilm(color, letterboxing etc.)
  • Any chance of a reupload of this footage?

  • Any chance of a reupload of this footage?

    Sorry, I had it on my public Dropbox, but i needed the space for other files, If you know any hosting sites that take a 400mb file then link me so i can put the zip file up again.
  • Tried that one, only allows 200mb unless i pay or something, hell with that.
    I might split it up over the weekend, but at the moment i haven't got the time.
    I'll keep you posted when i get the zip online again!
  • Ah, that sucks didn't realize that.
    Once you've uploaded it, if you would like I can mirror it on my server. Have a lot of spare bandwidth that isn't being used.
  • Updated the main post, and 2 zip files are online. Hope they come in useful to some of you.
  •  I used the sniper firing clip :) . Good work making the footage!

    If you have any suggestions or have a constructive critique, feel free to comment on the YouTube video ...

  • The smoke is too visible and lingers too long, unless he is firing smoke bullets out of his gun.  More subtly will make it look better.  I see him firing on grass not dirt, so the level of dust would be a lot less then if he was on a dirty area. barely visible amounts of gunpower residue is scene from guns anyways(depending on the time of day and visibility) and then a bit of dust gets kicked up from the surrounding areas when you are firing from the prone position.

  • Greetings :)

    First of all a big Thank you for sharing these clips with us. 

    I would like to ask you if i can use these clips for a tutorial i am planning to release on youtube soon.

    Thank you and really thanks again.

  • Thanks for sharing that :)

  • Although it was uploaded years ago now I just found this footage today and thanks so much as I wanted to practice some VFX but didn't have the time to get some good rushes. Thank you, here is what I came up with: 

  • @TTOCSXDS  I think you really hit the beats with the gun flashes and that dust cloud making him swerve.  Good job on the compositing.

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