Deflectors will be shot

play on words there. anyway I'm having a play around with deflectors using planes on particle effects. I've noticed that the rain effect doesn't have the option for deflection, but it still seems to be a particle effect. Is there a particular reason for this that i'm not getting or is there some other way of adding deflectors to an effect that doesn't have the little icon and sub header? (I also couldn't find the word deflector in the manual)


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    At present, Deflectors are available for the full particle engine, but I agree that it would be useful to be able to use deflectors and forces with the sub-engines as well, like the smoke and weather effects. So for now, if you need to use deflectors, you will have to rebuild the rain effect using the main particle engine, but I am going to recommend that we find a way to add deflector and force options to the sub-engines in a future update.
  • The Falling Debris effect does have a deflector option. Deflectors were added to the 3D effects where it made sense, but it does seem that a floor for rain might be useful. Complex interaction is always going to be better achieved with the full particle simulator, though.

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