Missile Smoke Shadow

Hi guys,
Had a play around with the demo at last yesterday and had a go at firing a missile at my children... good times. Anyway, I wanted to have a really good go at getting it to look good and one thing I wanted to do was have the smoke cast a shadow on the ground, just for effect. Not being very fluent in 3d editing, I figured I'd add a plane to act as the floor, add a light positioned to make the smoke cast a shadow as required and that be that, basically. I'm guessing I'm either missing something or doing it wrong altogether though as I can't figure out to make the plane transparent on my footage while retaining the cast shadow. Any pointers would be much appreciate! Video clip below for reference.


  • If you make sure the plane is filled with white, then set the blend mode to Multiply, then only the shadows will be visible. I would also typically use a directional light, not an ambient, it will cast shadows more effectively.
  • I think I tried that. Made the plane then added a spot light. I went through all the blend modes but none of them looked right, I'll have to give it another go. Thanks!
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    I'd avoid a spot light, personally, and use a Directional light. A directional light is going to require less tweaking and give a more natural shadow.

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