Textures in 3d particles

Is there a way to add Textures to 3d particles to give them more a realistci look or is this a feature that might be added. I did a test with the rocks falling with the 3 options available rock, brock, or concrete, but from what I see you can't add textures or any kind of grading to the particles themselve.
Also just to add I tried to add a light to give them a different look and this made my video layer invisible.
I had a previously problem with video becoming invisible and found that this was due to adding motion blur which hid the video layer when selected. All layers being 3d.


  • Ignore that question just found a folder full of textures. 8-|
  • Glad you found them. :)
    To address the grading aspect of your question, you can't add grading filters directly to a particle effect; you need to right-click the effect, convert it to a composite, (a process called pre-comping) then you can add the grading effects you need to that composite shot. And if you need to edit the particle effect further, then you can open your newly created composite to access the controls. This is necessary because the effect needs to be flattened before grading can be applied, otherwise the processing would be insanely slow, so pre-comping the effect provides a quick and simple solution.
    Another option is to add a grade layer above the particle effect, and add grading filters to it, but this will affect any other layers below the grade layer as well. So if that's not an issue, then a grade layer will work, but if you need to grade only the particles, then the pre-comping solution may be better.

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