Hitfilm....Dual Monitors !

Hello all,
You really have to play with Hitfilm across Dual Monitors.
Float the 'Viewer' window and whack it up to full screen on your second monitor
WOOOoowwwww....You gotta see this @-)
If i had one gripe to make in this config, it would have to be:- To have the play, rewind & frame step controls docked to the top of the Editor window.


  • Any help when it comes to dual monitors, I just installed a radeon 5770, and it's dual monitor seems cack. I can only have one extra wide screen, not two individual screen like my old geforce, and my second monitor is placed to the left of my main monitor, but I can only move the mouse to the right to access the second monitor, I've tried all sorts to get two seperate screens, and to have the second monitor to the left but it aint happening, any ideas?
  • Mike,
    No experience with ATI's full stop here im afraid, i will probibly be an Nvidia fan right to the end.
    I know with Nvidia config i can set it to optomize for dual monitors, pick which will be my main primary monitor and i can also choose to 1. Clone the screens to the same, 2. Single screen spanned across both or 3. Independant output to each display (this is the one i use)
    Surely ATI should have the same kind of options ???
    Hope you sort it out though
  • edited July 2011
    i use an hd4850 and i have no problems with dual monitors, i place mine to the left of my 40inch lcd tv and use windows 7 to handle the dual screen. pretty sure it doubles the background image (currenfly just a jet black screen so i can't tell)
    i tried to float the viewer last time i used it and all i did was shift the effects pane :s maybe i'll check the help file.

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