Particle Angle Help [Updated]

For this video below, I made it so that the particles spin in different angles while in the air to sell the effect, but I can't get it to stop spinning once it hits the ground. It seems that the 'change texture angle' only affects oncoming particles, but not particles already out there. Is the a way I can keep the spin at the beginning, but lose it near the end? Thanks.
Edit: Here's the new version. I fixed that problem. Thanks again.


  • Wow! That's looking really good. At least, up until the bit where the problem you mention comes in.
    The way to correct this is to calculate the mathematical percentage of their lifetime that that particles are airborne, then set keyframes in the Lifetime panel to stop the texture angle spinning at that point.
  • Ahh why didn't I think of this. Thanks!
  • That's working really nicely! Let us know when you've got an updated version with the fix. :)
  • Ok I will. BTW my new tutorial is up if you wanna add that to the playlist.
  • Very nice! Out of curiosity, about how long did it take you to set up that effect?
  • That's really cool! I feel some destruction coming on.
  • Maybe 30 minutes or so for the first test, and another 30 for the updated version. Mostly because I'm still kinda in the 'figuring things out' stage.
  • Cool, I'm guessing once you are a bit more familiar with the software, you could reconstruct that in 15 minutes or so. VisionLab couldn't create that effect, period, no matter how long you tried.
  • Ya definitely. I hope by next week I will be at the stage where the sky will be the limit when it comes to the particle engine. By next month, I should be better than the developers :)
  • Hehe, that would be awesome. I know that none of us have had as much time to play with the engine as we would like, and we haven't come anywhere close to pushing its limits. I look forward to seeing what you are able to do with it.

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