Interested in german tutorials?

Are there any peoples here interested in german tutorials (YouTube-Videos)? I could create some after my vacation if there's any interest.


  • For me as a german Hitfilm user it would be nice to see some german video tutorials. Nevertheless I have no problems in watching/reading tutorials in english language but I think it would be a great addition for the german speaking hitfilm community.
  • I agree with Nuwanda, as a german it would be kind of cool, but I also have no problem with english tutorials. I'd even see a problem with german tutorials: The whole Software is in English, and when I'm trying to explain different steps of the workflow in german, I run into serious problems with finding the right vocabulary... And that's while german is my native language! :D
  • Hi again.
    Okay...yesterday, I've started to create the first german tutorial but run into a pesky bug already reported (the annoying jumping-behaviour in the control pane). That's why I've stopped it right now, cause I permanently had to reselect the described property which breaks the tutorial flow a lot :(
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