Voodoo tracking help

I imported a simple clip into voodoo, tracked it and then imported the data into hitfilm. I'm really struggling to recreate a similar effect you did in the car park with the hitfilm logo. I can't seem to get the image I am using to be locked in place. When I switch it to 3d like in your clip it disapears. I'm sure ther'e a step I'm missing. Any ideas on where I'm going wrong?


  • The 3D scale your Voodoo track is using is probably a bit mental, which means that when you switch the image layer to 3D it's disappearing off into some void space a few miles away from where you camera is pointing. :)
    Try selecting the position property for one of the points that Voodoo created, then copying them. Then go to the 3D image layer, select the position property and past onto it. this should put the image to the same location as the point - which hopefully is in view of your camera.
    If the scale is crazy, adjust it accordingly - you might need to drop it down a long way, depending on what Voodoo did.
    Hope this helps...I'm relatively new to 3D camera tracking myself, and it's a bit of a dark art, especially when using the mostly undocumented Voodoo.
  • cheers for the reply Tarn... sorry Simon. :D Yeah that's exactly what it did. Blew the image up and moved it miles in another direction. Good idea with copying the position though. The problem I have now is getting the image to stay fixed, there's small movements of the image as my camera pans around, it's locked in place just has these minor movements. I'm assuming that's voodoo's problem, any tips on getting a good track out of voodoo?
  • Mike - I don't have much experience with Voodoo (mostly use PFhoe), but I recently had a similar issue; had minor movements (in After Effects, but would have applied to Hitfilm too) in my track. When I checked Pfhoe it was rock solid...ultimately it came down to Pfhoe exporting the data for 24p whereas my footage was 23.976. Upon correcting that, I had a solid track in AE. So bottom line, ensure the parameters for your footage (frame rate, ratio etc) are all in synch.
    Having said all that, it may well be an issue with the tracking data itself, but just wanted to relay my experience.
  • Yeah, double check the comp shot created when you imported the .ma file has the same framerate as the video.
  • I'll check, I'm sure I already did because I'd seen elsewhere that that could be a problem.

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