Want Gravity in Missle Smoke

Devs, I would love to have a gravity setting in the Missle Smoke preset so I can make the lingering smoke dissipate in an direction other than outward.
Also, related to gravity. Vision Lab Studio had the circular XY wheel for gravity. Is there some implementation similar to this in HitFilm for the particle effects and other presets. I can change the smoke gravity to be up or down, but not to the sides. I know that I can rotate the origin, but the smoke still is locked to that y axis and doesn't emit and then get global y axis gravity applied. I hope this makes sense.


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    Gravity is only a single instance of forces in use. Gravity pulls downward, really, any other direction wouldn't be gravity. Although VisionLab handled this differently, the reason that control was specifically named Gravity in the Smoke effect was because it mimics actual gravity, pulling the particles downward. I think that adding another force, perhaps Wind, that would allow you to control a force pushing or pulling the particles in other directions, is a good idea though.
    When working with the particle effects in HitFilm Ultimate, you can set a force to go any direction you want, to creating wind or an updraft or whatever is entirely possible. So if you were to recreate the effect using the Particle engine in HitFilm Ultimate, then you could create all the forces you or your grandmother could handle, and blow the smoke every which way.
  • In HitFilm Ultimate you can apply forces to your particles which can be in any direction you want. :)
  • Well, I assumed that I would be able to use the forces with the particle engine. The reason I asked is the smoke preset has a "Gravity" setting which can make the smoke "rise" or "fall" based on the setting, negative makes it rise on the y axis and positve makes it fall on the y axis. It would be convient to have it in the preset for missle smoke.
    I could recreate the effect, which I guess to get trailing smoke that rises or blows sideways I will have to do.
    Thanks for the consideration.

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