What about the upgrade special?

Prior FXhome product owners were supposed to get a "special offer" near the release.
I have been waiting to hear the special deal for existing FXhome product owners. Now I see it has been launched and not a word on the "special offer". Did I miss out?


  • If you go to the fxhome forums page there's a banner at the top that mentions the fxhome loyalty offer- you have to click on where it says login and then use whatever username/password you have for the Fxhome forums- it'll direct you to a page with a video and a unique voucher code. Hope this was the offer you mentioned. All the best.
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    Go to fxhome.com and sign in. At the top of the page will be a link to your promo code for your discount. All Lab product owners get 40% off and all fxhome forum members get 20% off. These are not cumulative though, but they only last 60 days from the time Hitfilm was released. So hurry over to fxhome and get your code and get to purchasing.
    EDIT: Darn, mercianfilm beat me to it by mere seconds. :D
  • You guys beat me to it. :)

  • EDIT: Darn, mercianfilm beat me to it by mere seconds. :D

    Ha ha- that was a photo finish! Mandalorian's post was much more informative than mine, it'd be a lot easier to do it from the login on the main page. Hope you get your discount Homer77!

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