Video in 3D Layers

I've only just started to look at this software and wondered whether its possible to have video footage layers in adjustable/animated 3D layers.
Similar to the example on this website:
Ok I've figured out how to make the video layer into a 3D plane and animate the position.
Problem is now how to make that be seen correctly in the editor.
OK I've sort of figured that out. Now what I actually want to do is have a number of video layers moving across an infinite or large floor plane casting shadows on and being reflected in the floor plane.


  • You'd need to add one or more lights to the scene and ensure that in the material properties of the video layers you ensure that "casts shadows is selected". You then need to define a ground plane and ensure that in its material properties "receives shadows" is selected. If your lights are placed properly, then the video layers will cast shadows on the ground plane.
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    In addition to what 3dmus said, here's a quick video I put together for you:
    Edit: Not sure what YouTube's done with the audio, apologies for the random glitches. Hopefully they don't get in the way of the information!
  • Cheers for that vid simon, I'd been struggling with certain aspects of using the camera in the 3d sense, I can't wait for more in-depth, tutorials. With the reflection, could you have duplicated the greenscreen clip, and in the 3d settings flipped it so that it was in the same place that you placed the plane, so not just upside down, but actually upside down and horizontal, if that makes sense.
  • Yep, you could definitely do that. Although if you wanted to keep it in an embedded comp like I did, you'd need to add a 3D camera inside it as well, and then in the main comp you'd have to set the embedded comp to '3D unrolled'.
  • Great tutorial Simon B-)
  • Thats a great tutorial Simon and its certainly helped me with ideas.
    I think you guys should produce an extensive set of tutorial examples that cover a large
    amount of popular or common techniques/concepts that could be applied to real world production.
    Maybe make a purchasable online set or sell it as a DVD.
    Another question. Would it be possible to make the ground plain object infinite
    in a later version of Hitfilm.

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