What do you think of our series?

What do you think of our animated series. Watch the episode 1 to 12.... Each is about 2minutes.
As I type this I am now in production on a 75 minute movie version also to go on youtube... With heaps of action and Hitfilm will be used for all FX....
Chris George


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    Hey, that's really cool. I like the concept a lot.
    The only suggestion is that you pick up the pace. The dialogue is too slow, and rather bland. It needs more SFX and Foley too. Make it a little more sophisticated, basically.
    I'm in SoCal, and the attention span here is about .5 seconds. Hahaha.
    Contact me, and I'll give you some interesting sample material, and do some of the audio work if you give me credit.
    In any case, good luck with it!
  • Hey, thanks for the reply.
    The film is going to be a lot different, it will be quicker... with a proper story, not like the short clips of the series. More action as well.
    Always interested in help, at the moment I have 17 voice actors that have donated their type and effort for a credit in the film and a number of musicians/ bands as well so this project has grown very big.
    What kind of audio work/ sample material ?
  • Oh, I couldn't possibly imagine any glory in being a passing blurb on a big long list. :) I thought you were a one man band.
  • i am a one man band for all the production of the movie, animation, sound, the main voices.. just secondary character voices and music I have others...
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    I looked at your link, episode 6 "Yoga", and all the credits, even the Asian voice, are "Chris George", and that's you, right?
    So I thought....
    Now, it turns out, you have a number of musicians, 17 voices, and a partriiiiiidge in a pear tree.:)
    Anyways, if I can piggyback on your post, I AM looking for the right project to get on board, but I'm a fickle bastard.
    Good luck with it. (break a leg)
  • yes. I am Chris George. Like I said for the season one... what you watched. I did all the voices (expect in episode SPY")
    But for the movie that Iam currently working on, I have guest stars, due to the 75 minute length and increased number of characters...
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    Somehow, this "Fried Rice" concept seems familiar to me. Is somebody doing something similar, that you know of?
    Anyways, I didn't see a lot of hits on the YT site. Are you sure a movie is warranted?
    Are you a YT Partner? You're gonna definitely need that first.
    By "fickle bastard", I mean I get hot and cold easily on projects. I become unreliable when I don't agree with something 100%, and I float off into space. I'm not a team player, I'm a lone wolf.
    But hey, this isn't about me, this is about you, and the FriedRice brand. The simple fact that it caught my fancy means it has potential. I don't hand out compliments often.
    So here's another bump. And good luck!
    P.S. I didn't really want to discuss this in public, that's why I asked you to contact me.:) Now this thread is all mucked up.
  • I like the style of animation and the Characters but I would agree with comments of Bubwzr
    Comedy is really hard to do though

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