Is Hit Film the best editing software for a budding 9 year old filmaker?

Hi, my 9 year old is really interested in making videos and I just ordered an Intel Core i7 with a GTX 560ti graphics card but I'm not sure which editing software would be best for him. Hit Films basic editing functions seem pretty user friendly with options to expand as his experience does but I don't want him to get frustrated by purchasing something that is too advanced for him. Anyone got any advice? Also, I am wondering about adding audio, does this software do this? I am having trouble finding where this is addressed in the help menu.


  • Hi, I started with Sony Vegas Platinum HD which I personally find a lot easier than Hitfilm but that's probably because Vegas is only an editor so you can't use it to create awesome special effects. That said you can probably do everything in Hitfilm that you can do in Vegas plus a lot more. I love both programs but am only new to Hitfilm, I still tend to do my editing in Vegas but create the scenes with special effects etc in Hitfilm, render them then stick them in Vegas. If your kid is only 9 years old s/he will probably pick it up easy as pie, it's only us older buggers that struggle with these things... :D
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    Why don't you buy the Vegas/HitFilm bundle, that way you're covered either way.:)
    Yes, of course audio is included. You know the old saying, "Audio is 70% of a video".
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    Hey there, thanks for considering Hitfilm. We have aimed to keep the interface as user-friendly as possible, but as you have noticed, there is a lot of power contained in Hitfilm, so even once the basics are learned, there is lots still to be learned. To a large extend this is because Hitfilm is far more than just a video editor. Programs like Vegas do an excellent job of editing video, but dont have tools to create visual effects. HitFilm, on the other hand, focuses chiefly on creating effects and compositing things together to create complex scenes. HitFilm also has basic editing capabilities, so that you can edit your video and create effects all in a single interface. Audio editing is also possible, although the audio capabilities in Hitfilm are not extensive, yet.
    My recommendation would be to have your son try the free demo of HitFilm, and see how he gets on with it. There are lots of free video tutorials to help with learning the basics, available in the Support area of the site, and if you or he has any questions, you can always ask us here on the forums, and we will be happy to help.
    We work hard to make HitFilm easy to learn, but still very powerful, and are quite pleased with it. But when all is said and done, there are lots of different video editors out there, and every one has people who love it, and people who prefer something else. So my best advice is to have your son try out various products, see which ones work best for him personally, before making a purchase decision. I think you will be pleased with HitFilm, but a proper evaluation of various products will ensure that you get the best fit for your son.
  • What most people do they have both a editor and a compositor like HitFilm or After Effect.
  • As an aside: that sounds like a really good computer you've equipped your son with there. Faster than my home computer, in fact, so I'm a bit jealous. :P It should run HitFilm very nicely indeed.
  • Yeah, that's a pretty lucky nine-year-old.
  • I need a new dad... :mellow:
  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions! We will try the demos and see which one we like best. I already wasted $150 buying a crappy green screen program for him for Christmas that does nothing but link the foreground and background videos together, what a waste!
    Thanks too Simon for your advice on what kind of computer to buy, that was a big help for a clueless Mom who knows nothing about computers. We are SO excited to get started!! :):):)
  • Missilator, hope he enjoys the program. I find a lot of young kids are more tech savy than us grown-ups. Suggestion about the demo is a great idea. Also we have a good community here if he has questions, members and support staff alike.

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