Layer Only Effects

I'm having many issues with the layer only effects, but they all are stemming from the same source. As an example, I have a smoke trail following a point through a shot and I want to put a light flare at the top of the smoke trail to look like a missile as shown in many of the preview videos. However, the light flare is a layer only effect and i can only attach it to the footage itself and not the smoke trail or point. This would be fine except when i parent the flare to the keyframed point, the entire footage layer moves with it, how do I get around this? Thanks!


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    You don't have to use the footage, you can use other types of layers. You could create a new plane, apply the flare to that, then attach the flare to the point using its properties, for example. Then adjust the blend mode of the plane to get rid of everything but the effect. You could also use a grade layer or text layer for this.
  • Think I understood what Axel was saying, but if not I'll find a 10 year old computer whiz to translate for me. :P
  • Hehe, sorry, if you find it confusing still let me know, and I can give a more detailed explanation.
  • You don't want to parent the entire layer to the point. Instead, go into the light flare's properties and attach its hotspot to the point.
  • Right, thanks for the correction, Simon, I've modified the instructions I posted earlier to be more accurate.

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