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Whats up HitFilm community? So, I actually spoke to a few "TOP" Industry directors & producers in L.A. (won't call names), and I asked them why they are not making action/super hero movies starring Black actors and they all replied "you know what it is, its still America".
That said, I'm not here to start a racial discussion, I'm just here to let all the aspiring HitFilm directors out there know that I would love to star in your next short action film. (Especially for people in the NY area!)


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    You mean like Hancock, The Matrix, Daredevil, Blade, I Robot, etc?
    Its cool that you are offering, man. I'm nowhere near New York myself, but there must be someone in that area looking for talent. Some sort of demo reel or resume of your training for action/stunts might be useful as well.
  • Well said Axel! Those are all great films that you mentioned and stand proof that those type of films can be counted on via one hand (few compared to the rest of industry films). I'm not trying to take credit away from those movies tho. In my opinion, a great movie is a great movie, period. There is no room for "race" when it comes to talent, however, from what these few directors & executives in L.A. told me, there is a limit in regards to what roles certain actors are accepted for based upon race. That said, I think it would be really cool to see a movie on an epic scale like "300", "Immortals" or even "Iron Man" where the main actor is black [and talented]. Hats off to I Robot! Certainly an epic!
    Btw, I appreciate the advice about the demo reel. When I put one together, I'll be sure to edit it via HitFilm and post it on the forums! Peace & Luv
  • You guys forgot about Blankman!
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    Independence Day, I am Legend, Book of Eli, Unstoppable, half of the Men in Black (does that fit the bill of action?). I don't know who these "directors" are that you spoke with but they should get their heads out of their you know where! ;)
    Just as a side note and this speaks to what the directors know or don't know:
    While Richard Gere may have been the star of "An Officer and a Gentleman" the part played by Louis Gossett Jr. was written with a white guy in mind. When Gossett got the part they told him they would change the script and the character to match the actor. He told them if they did that he would decline the role. They didn't change a thing and as you know- he's in the movie.
    Good luck HitFilmerJay! If you were closer to Wisconsin we'd be chatting over a cup of coffee right now about acting. B-)
  • Denzel and Will Smith doesn't just belong in the black actor category, they're in the "So awesome my race doesn't matter cause people love me" one! So only using Denzel and Will Smith movies to prove black actors do do action movies doesn't help much.
    Just saying B-)
  • Well, I'd say Greg Morris, Bill Cosby, Redd Foxx, Sherman Hemsley, Jaleel White but the parameters were rather you've got a point. Levar Burton, Tim Russ, Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover? I'm sure there's more than what we're giving credit.
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    A lot of people wanted Donald Glover to play Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man movie. Pretty sure there was some internet petition for it, but obviously it didn't work. I still think that would be totally awesome.
  • I definitely co-sign Rody Polis's comment! While there are many black actors that are seen on the screen, the major roles are either A. Comedy B. Sidekick or C.a combination of A & B. (lol just kidding with the C option). But really, I go to the theaters to support good movies. As mentioned, I think that movies like "Immortals" or even "Iron Man", "Lord of the Rings", "Troy" etc... are all great movies! That said, I'm still waiting for Hollywood to produce a large scale film that parallels those mentioned above, and *star (not feature) a talented black actor.
    Btw, Harry Ruso, I wouldn't count Blankman as a legitimate super StormyKnight, thanks for the interesting fact! I did not know that Louis Gossett Jr.'s role in "An Officer and a Gentleman" was originally designed with a white guy in mind. I think a "great actor" is a great actor regardless of race etc... Hopefully one day Hollywood would start thinking this way too... Until then I guess its up to the independent film makers to seek out an actor with the only bias of "talent". Aculag, I didn't know that, interesting news, I'm gonna google that one!

  • I think a "great actor" is a great actor regardless of race etc... Hopefully one day Hollywood would start thinking this way too... Until then I guess its up to the independent film makers to seek out an actor with the only bias of "talent".

    AMEN!I couldn't agree more. B-) I certainly wouldn't be so narrow minded as to not recognize talent when I see it. And I would tell the directors you spoke with that their comment "'s still America" is exactly why we should be looking for talent in EVERYONE without exclusion. The land of opportunity will become the land of stupidity with comments like that and I for one resent their implication.
    Was that a harsh comment? :huh:

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