Video Camera Thoughts?

Hey everybody...
So I’m just breaking into the amateur film making scene and would like any thoughts you may have on a video camera. I would prefer manual focus and external microphone jack (as most cameras shotgun mic’s are just no good). My budget is anywhere from $500 to $700. And one that would work well with the HitFilm program. THANKS!


  • You could get the cannon SLR 60D or 3TI. I don't own them but everyone seems to think they are great cameras which from the specs they are.
  • Yes the DSLRs are definetly a good way to go. The Canon T2i is right in you price range, and its the one I own. Its a great camera, especially for amateurs, like me :) To get a real "video camera" of the same quality, it probably cost you at least a thousand dollars, probably more.
  • I LOVE my canon T2i (Also known as the 550D).
    I don't think I will be replacing it for many, many years. It shoots brilliant video and pretty decent pictures, as well. My only beef is that the h.264 codec (or whatever it is) can be a pain in the rear when editing. I use Vegas to convert it to an uncompressed AVI for all my editing. It can be tedious but it is well worth it!

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