Mirror Mirror Trailer

Think I'll stick to Snow White and the Huntsman. This doesn't look bad, just not near as awesome as SWATH's trailer. Seems more like a lower budgeted movie for kids. Julia Roberts is pretty good in it though; she also seems to be having fun.


  • That looks truly terrible. And a Scarface reference in a fairy tale? The humour is absolutely not my kind of humour - it undermines the rest of the film by not committing properly to the material, and winking too often at the audience.
  • why is hollywood making remake after remake.......? Stop it hollywood..........!
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    Well, I WAS looking forward to this... Looks way too jokey and cartoony.
    Though, it does have that Tarsem flair that I love, and the Bollywood style dance looks like a very interesting addition. I'm sure I'll check it out at some point, but it's not high on my list.
  • I have 4 and 9-year-old daughters. Guess which of these two Snow White movies I'll probably be seeing? :mellow:
  • Yeah this is pretty awful - no interest at all
  • This looks like the worst thing ever, I can't believe how bad this looks, it makes me feel a bit ill.
  • Yeah. Compared to the SW&TH trailer, this one is downright embarrassing.
  • Yeah, I actually am appalled by it. My mouth was just open the whole time in stunned silence.
  • Hm, I don't think its that awful. Obviously an entirely different tone from the Huntsmen one, but its obviously aiming for a different audience. This trailer reminded me a lot of Ella Enchanted, as far as its tone, and that movie was all sorts of fun.
    I can't say I'm excited about this after seeing the trailer, but I didn't find it horrible. It looks to me like the achieved what they were aiming for, and I bet their target audience will like it.
  • I like Julia... i like the Trailer... i like the Idea... i HOPE, it's more funny in the Movie, than it was in the Trailer...
    I other Words: I agree Axel...

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