Looking for footage to score for fun

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Hi everyone,
I originally posted this over on FXHome and a user kindly suggested I re-post the thread over here.
If anybody here on HitFilm is looking for original music for anything from a short film to a 30 second clip, I'm keen to get involved! I'm looking to do more scoring to picture after having written soundtracks for a number of successful indie game titles. I'd be grateful for your consideration for any upcoming projects you may have. You can reach me at info@vincewebb.co.uk or send me a PM. Thanks for reading this far and good luck with your films!



  • "for fun", does that mean you wouldn't take charge for it?

  • "for fun", does that mean you wouldn't take charge for it?

    It depends on the project, but in principle I don't mind working for free particularly if its a piece with high production values but a low/non-existent budget. At this stage my aim is to bolster up my showreel a little without resorting to copyrighted video and music 'rewrites'...

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