Starring You!

Hey guys! well, I'm doing a new thing called Starring You! which, is basicly, when i make a vid starring you! I wont be doing it till the new hitfilm 1.1 comes out, but i will be doing it soon! all I need is a picture of your face I can download.
p.s. if you could take the photo of your head in front of greenscreen, that would be great. if not, i'll still do it, it's just greenscreen makes it a hell of a lot easier. :)
attach your photos to a post and make sure the post is in this topic!


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    Here is my face, is it ok?
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    sure! i'll download it now. thanks for greenscreening it! much appreciated! by the way, tell me what kind of movie you want to star in, so that if you want to be in a fashion show i dont put you in a gun movie!

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