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In collaboration with my friend's band 'Hooking Up', I've recently shot/directed/edited a music video for a single of theirs titled 'Chex & Nex.'
Notes: Might not be up your alley as it's a somewhat niche genre ("indy sloppy punk," college underground). But I'd really appreciate any FXHome homies checking out the video and adding to the viewcount. So yes, I'm whoring for views here basically, which isn't something I often do. Not seeking (constructive) criticism as much (hence general chat), but maybe some will dig the band and find some new music to get into. If not, we appreciate the view anyways. I'm personally a huge fan of his musical stylings, so I very much support the work they're doing and want to get them as much audience as possible. I'm also proud of the general limitations we had to overcome, and the unplanned moving camera-work we had to accomplish with the HDSLR. Rolling shutter doesn't exactly leave you a lot of room for having fun with it in that kind of situation (shot in two short days).
Anyways, here's the video:
(Contains profanity, NSFW. Select 1080p for best quality)
And here's the link to their bandcamp, which features a song from a new vinyl they're releasing in the coming months, as well as their first EP available for download:
Thanks everyone for giving it a look. And for those of you who don't know me yet, I'm a long-time frequent poster at the old FXHome forum, and have been lurking these boards since day 1. See you around.


  • As you said, this probably isn't everyone's style, and it isn't really mine, but it was still cool. I watched it and if nothing else enjoyed the music. It's better than anything I could've done, so good job! Haha
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    Yeah, it's definitely more my style. ;) It's not about being better than other people though, so don't be too hard on yourself.
    Glad you enjoyed the music though, that's what it's all about.

    [color="#C0C0C0"]*I do not like the new winky face. For the record. It looks kind of cheeky.*[/color]
  • What is the deal with scene where the garbage barrel thing sees the panda dude? I thought it was kinda funny but wasn't sure what the point was.
  • I thought it was really good; both the video and the music. Video really suits the music. Reminds me of the indy music videos in the 90ies; the likes of Beck etc. Vintage 90ies Indy!
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    Vintage 90ies Indy!

    Thanks 3dmus, appreciate it! That's the best thing to hear, exactly what I was aiming for with this.

    @Matthias: the panda is completely inexplicable, like a strange dream.
  • Pretty retro man , Really liked it

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